Fresh Cut Grass by Boulder Media

Written and Directed by Robert Cullen.
Produced by Boulder Media.
Synopsis: A little dog visits the big city in search of his sister.

Accolades include: Best Animation at the Galway Film Fleadh 2014, Winner of the Audience Choice Award at the Dublin Animation Film Festival, Best Animation at UKFF 2014, Best Animation at the Delhi Shorts International Film Festival. Selected for screening at many festivals worldwide, including

Boulder Media is an award winning Animation Production Company based in Dublin, Ireland. We have produced shows such as The Amazing World of Gumball, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Randy Cunningham-9th Grade Ninja, El Tigre-The Adventures of Manny Rivera and hope to one day work on shows with shorter titles.


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IMPACT by Bluearth production

Impact tells the story of the mental journey of a high diver in the seconds before his jump.
Impact is a world first in several respects:
The vertical format – 4K – 1000fps slow-motion – the environment (underwater and cliffs).
Impact is a team imaging adventure, directed by Jean-Charles Granjon and shot in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of southeast France. This is thus a condensed reflection of the cinematic expertise of Marseille, southeast France.

Lionel Franc, world champion cliff diver head first is the „hero“ of Impact.

Line producer: Bluearth production – Vertical film
Post Production : La planète rouge
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vitreous | robert seidel | experimental film 2015 by Robert Seidel

Film: Robert Seidel _
Music: Nikolai von Sallwitz _

Please choose 1080P for playback to see the film in full quality!

The nine virtual sculptures underlying vitreous resulted from experimental setups by Robert Seidel for generating three-dimensional clusters of fibrous refractions, as well as the gravitational lensing of different volumetric and chromatic densities. Singular elements gravitate towards each other, accumulating in a gigantic sculptural system, where each entity exists with its own visual axis and vanishing point. The impalpable luminous formations create prismatic interactions between the ridges and plateaux of the main colours floating in front of the infinite violet background.

The multilayered, continuously expanding and decaying system is driven by semi-chaotic processes with localized impulses and their speculative chain reactions. In the spectrum of these possible movements, each singular sculpture becomes an integral component of the whole pictorial force-field. In its asymmetrical orchestration and multitude of spatial-temporal interactions, the abstract-organic images are close in appearance to the concepts of “moving paintings” and “living sculptures” Seidel develops for more than a decade now.

Originally vitreous was conceived as a media façade artwork of 80 × 24 × 14 Meters (Target City Lights, Minneapolis, USA, 2012). It later developed in a large-scale projection of 4 × 14 Meters (German Filmmuseum, Frankfurt, Germany, 2015). The short film released in December 2015 features a music score exclusively composed by Nikolai von Sallwitz.

projectDETOUR – CALIFORNIA by David Bertschinger Karg

projectDETOUR is a short film series about three trips to three destinations. We’ve been hiking waist deep powder in the Alps, we high fived sheep farmers in Greece and rode our motorbikes through the state of California.

California baby… What do you want more?!


DIRECTOR: David Bertschinger Karg
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Kris Lüdi David Bertschinger Karg
EDITOR: David Bertschinger Karg
GRAPHICS: Samuel Weidmann
SPONSORS: Bataleon Snowboards, Volcom, Nixon, Smith Optics
RIDERS: Markus Keller, Eric Messier, Shayne Pospisil, DBK
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Silvano Zeiter, Lorenz Richard
MUSIC licenced through

P9 AiR Profile: Madeline Gannon by Pier 9

During her residency at Pier 9, Madeline Gannon developed a project called Quipt – a gesture-based control software that gives industrial robots basic spatial behaviors for interacting closely with people. Wearable markers and a motion capture system let the robot see and respond to you in a shared space. This lets you and the robot safely follow, mirror, and avoid one another as you collaborate together.

See more of how Madeline developed Quipt on her instructable here –

For more info about Madeline’s project visit –

For info about Pier 9’s Artist in Residence program visit –

Director, Camera & Editor – Charlie Nordstrom
Assistant Editor – Blue Bergen
Music – „Empty Trees“ by Ketsa ( –

How the DEA manufactured „narco-terrorism“ by Vox

These undercover videos supposedly showed Al-Qaeda in the drug trade. What they actually showed was more shocking. Produced in collaboration with ProPublica. For the full story, read more here:

By Ginger Thompson & Joe Posner

Rejjie Snow – Blakkst Skn (OFFICIAL VIDEO) by Ian Pons Jewell

Director: Ian Pons Jewell
Producer: Dobi Manolova
DOP: Ben Fordesman
1st Assistant Director: Daniel Gibling
Runner: Sam Leswi
Runner: Savannah Setten
Runner: Jats Wambu
Production Manager: Mathias Moka
Production Assistant: Kais Dahoul
Steadicam: Doug Walshe
Focus Puller: Bruno Travers
2nd Camera Assistant: Joe Douglas
DIT: Ashley Hicks
Gaffer: Daniel Goodall
Spark: Mathias Moka
Spark: Camil Liberto
Production Designer: Ollie Tiong
Art Director: Simon Walker
Stylist: Ameena Kara Callender
Stylist Assistant: Lee Desai
Makeup: Anna Thompson
Makeup assistant: Alice Jessop
Editor: Gaia Borretti
VFX: Morgan Beringer ( Tuna Beringer )
Colour: Luke Morrison (Hux Huxtable) @ The Mill
Colour producer: Samantha Letzler @ The Mill
Cast –
Girl: Lily Newmark (Lily Inge)
Man: William Fontaine
Special Thanks –
Camera equipment: Thanks to Panavision
Lighting equipment: Thanks to Panalux
Lee Mackey @ Panavision
Kelly Amundsen @ Panalux
Samantha Letzler and Laurie Adrianopoli @ The Mill

Mediocre Madness by Drink Water

A 20-man-strong springtime snowboard road trip through the great state of Oregon with the goal of getting after any and all activities along the way. From Portland, OR, to the Cinder Cone, to Mt. Hood, to Bend, to Mt Bachelor and eventually the Oregon Coast. The assembled crew includes: Sam Taxwood; Blake Paul Griffin Seibert; Gus and Max Warbington; Tim Eddy; Iikka Backstrom;Curtis Ciszek; Spencer Shubert; Louif Paradis; Bryan Fox; Aidan Payson; Stephen Fox; Austin Smith; Jake Price; Jess Gibson; Foster Huntington; Mark Welsh; Bob Plumb; Java Fernandez; Ripzinger; Pete Alport; and Cale Meyer.
Brought to you by Drink Water
with support from: Smartwool, Adidas, Quiksilver, Smith and DC
Video by Tanner Pendelton

Einzigartige Filmaufnahmen in Farbe und HD – SPIRIT OF HAMBURG 1948 by Konstantin von zur Mühlen

Einzigartige Filmaufnahmen in Farbe und HD – SPIRIT OF HAMBURG 1948
Beeindruckende Filmaufnahmen über die Zeit in Hamburg nach dem Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs. Die Aufnahmen dokumentieren das Leben in den Ruinen der zerstörten und von den Briten besetzten Stadt.

Bis zu 50.000 Hamburger sind bei den alliierten Bombenangriffen gestorben, bis zu 125.000 wurden verletzt.

300.000 Wohnungen sind zerstört – fast 50 %. Über 3.000 gesunkene Schiffe liegen nach dem Krieg im Hamburger Hafen.

Die Töne wurden nachträglich angelegt und werden kommende Woche noch bearbeitet / verfeinert.