The Lighthouse by Trim Tab

A lighthouse keeper’s surprising discovery pulls him out of his monotonous, daily routine and takes him onto a journey into uncharted territory. Made up of over 14,000 photographs, The Lighthouse is a black and white stop motion short crafted by filmmaker Simon Scheiber over the course of 7 years.




A film by: Simon Scheiber
Music by: Nicolas Martin
Sound & mix by: Jan Frederik Vogt
Music interpreted by: Ensemble Shamhat (Javier Diaz Carrillo,
 Gabriel Espinosa Gonzalez,
 Jorge Solano Nivar, Evaristo Pons Femenia, Carlos Oliver Font)

Cinema mix by: Jeroen Nadorp
Produced by: Trim Tab

– Holland Animation Film Festival 2016 (Official Selection), Netherlands
– Cartoons on the Bay 2016 (International Panorama), Italy
– Athens Animation Festival 2016 (Distinction), Greece
– NonStop Barcelona Animació 2016 (Official Selection), Spain
– Animation Block Party 2016 (Official Selection), USA
– La Guarimba International Film Festival 2016 (Official Selection), Italy
– Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2016 (Programme, Best of the World), Japan
– The Smalls Film Festival 2016 (Official Selection), UK
– Festival Stop Motion Montréal 2016 (Official Selection), Canada
– Encounters Festival 2016 (Official Selection), UK
– Animart 2016 (Panorama), Poland
– Animasyros International Animation Festival 2016 (International Panorama), Greece
– Gesticulation 2016 (Official Selection), Switzerland
– KloosterKino 2016, Netherlands
– Balkanima 2016 (European Panorama), Serbia
– Mercado 3D Wire 2016 (Official Selection), Spain
– Heart of Gold 2016 (Official Selection), Australia
– Kerry Film Festival 2016 (Official Selection), Ireland
– Banjaluka International Animated Film Festival 2016 (Official Selection), Bosnia & Herzegovina
– KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2016 (Official Selection), Netherlands
– Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 2016 (Official Selection), USA
– Sulmona International Film Festival 2016 (Official Selection), Italy
– Gdansk International Animation Film Festival 2016 (Official Selection), Poland
– Leeds International Film Festival 2016 (Official Selection), UK
– Miami Short Film Festival 2016 (Nominee, Best Animation), USA
– Soria Short Film Fest (Out of Competition), Spain
– ASIFA One Day Animation Festival 2016 (Official Selection), Austria
– Foyle Film Festival 2016 (Official Selection), Northern Ireland
– Festival Internacional De Cortometrajes De Hayah 2016 (Official Selection), Panama
– Amarcort Film Festival 2016 (Official Selection), Italy
– London International Animation Festival 2016 (Official Selection), UK

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Kakkmaddafakka – Lilac (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) by Carlín Díaz

Two strangers spent a special day in Bergen. After that, with no way to contact each other, they will meet again in their memories.

Taken from new album ‚KMF‘ available now.

Director: Carlín Díaz [ ]

Animation and Illustration: Carlín Díaz, Jose Rafael Delgado & Maxime Bousquet

Animation Pt 2
Rouslan Malsagov & Diego Verastegui

Maria Doreuli [ ]

COBALT – Teaser by David Tomaszewski

One day in Paris amongst the COBALTS, an ultra-violent gang made of supermodel-looking fashionable teenagers, gathered around the same ideology: the dictatorship of beauty.

Teaser / proof of concept for a feature film.

Directed by : David Tomaszewski –

Written by : David Tomaszewski & Jérémie Guez

Director of Photography : Guillaume Le Grontec

Editing : Mehdi Mir – David Tomaszewski

Sound Editing & Mixing : Alexandre Poirier


Ralph : Jules Raynal
Gabrielle : Juliette Chappey
Giorgio : Félix Cordier
DIM / Valentino : Léo Legrand
Domenico : Zacharie Chasseriaud
Stefano : Renan Pacheco
Donatella : Chloé Jouannet
LV : Aissata Dia
Mario: Augustin Marlot
Nina : Claire Guena
CK : Oscar Lesage


Pont des Arts Student : Remi Waeles
Valentino Manager : Sasha Leibovici
Valentino Salesman : Agnès de Tyssandier d’Escous
Valentino Salesman : Thomas Bouchet

Production Managers : Benjamin Phuong-Duong – Rodolphe Croquefer

1st Assistant Director : Jawahine Zentar

Location Managers : Thomas Martinetti – Lucile Moreau – Olivier Alboini

Camera Assistants : Agnès Jeanneau – Stephen Le Cocq – Marc Stef – Arnaud Gaudelle – Bernard Jallet

Data Manager : Arsène Chabrier

Steadicamer : Olivier Merckx

Grip / Gaffer : Guillaume Venny

Sound Operators / Boom operators : Lucas Albert – Mélanie Moreira – Martin Lanot

Wardrobe : Amor Ouni

Make Up : Cindy Bohnn – Marine Leguennan – Sandie Rolland – Nathalie Boyard

Props : Manuela Muller
SFX Props : Olivier Afonso

Stunts : Sarah Belala – Yoli Lautenberg

Extras Casting : Thomas Lubeau
Lead Extras : Mathieu Turi

Visual Digital Effects : David Tomaszewski

Color : Robin Risser

Stills Photographer : Jérémy Bouchet

Coaching : Noam Kostucki

Thanks :

Naila Mansour
Thomas Langmann
Noam Kostucki
Rodolphe Chabrier
Small Studios
Vincent Guttman
Frédéric Serpantié
Stéphane Cabel
Wahib Chehata
Arilès de Tizi
Agata Preyzner
Marek Tomaszewski
Cyril Olivi
Exemplaire PARIS
Café Le Très Honoré
CLSFX / Atelier 69
Anaïs Gilly
AS Talents
Boris Tarka
Céline-Creux Thomas
Agence UBBA
Agence New Madison
Valérie Akoun
Oui Management
Dominique Moidon
David Vatinet
Agents Associés
Julien Mokrani
Clara Benyamin
Somkiat Gualano
La Petite Reine
Mac Guff Paris
Mac Guff Belgium

Filmed on location Paris, France – September 2015

ARRI ALEXA Raw – Anamoprhic HAWK Lenses

Tasting Sight by Paul Hairston

Andy had his sight taken away from him until he was offered to see again with an unconventional piece of technology.

Part of a series on tech bettering people’s lives for Upworthy.

Director + Editor: Paul Hairston
Cinematographer: Matt Ballard
Sound: Haley Wagner
Producer: Mateo Suarez
Production: Acres
Mix: Geoff Strasser
Color: Irving Harvey
Music: City of Dust + We Move the Same by Luke Atencio


„The warped delirium of a distorted dream.“

CHINA is a siren of the wild confusion of lust. A twisted electronic pop artist with the heart of a balladeer.

Directed by BABYBABY
Produced by BABYBABY

Camera Operator: Ben V Hansen
Production Manager: Joakim Harwell


The Books – ALEATORIC by Yours Truly

Directed by Andrew Sales
Produced by Yours Truly for Vinyl Me, Please

Director of Photography, Michael Ormiston
AC, Andy Trimbach
Producer, Frances Capell
Producer, Ash Christian
UPM, Andy Petrilak
Gaffer, Lou Blackmon
Location Sound, Brian Cushin
PA, Chief Coultman
Sound Design and Mix, Jake Viator
Archival Material, Paul de Jong

Production Company, Yours Truly Creative []
In partnership with Vinyl Me, Please []

Special Thanks
Zammuto Family
de Jong Family
Sarah Steadman
Babak Khoshnoud
Will Abramson

Sharks‘ Teeth – Lost In The Cosmos by Derek Beck


From „It Transfers & Grows“ by Sharks‘ Teeth out on 12″ vinyl via Gigantic Noise & Cassette via Community Records.