Ellsworth Kelly by Matthew Miller

A tribute to the late Ellsworth Kelly for the 2016 Getty Medal Award.

Commissioned by The Getty Museum on the occasion of their 2016 Getty Medal to Ellsworth Kelly and his life and contribution to the arts. http://ift.tt/2dmbBcn

Featuring interviews with Jack Shear, Frank Stella, Tricia Paik, Yve-Alain Bois, Scott Rothkopf

Produced by Ways & Means
Executive Producers Lana Kim, Jett Steiger
Producer Lindsey Ramey
Creative Director Felipe Lima

Presented by The Getty Museum

Director of Photography Hunter Baker
Editor Matthew Miller

Colorist Bossi Baker
Sound Mixer Brent Kiser, Unbridled Sound

Music by Penguin Cafe Orchestra

My Secrets by Amelia Chen

This is my final project at Savannah College of Art and Design( M.A. Motion Media Design 2016). I got an inspiration from a TED talk called a million secrets. I combined with my daily doodle and some personal thoughts to create this story.

It is a narrative story of ‚My Secrets‘, revealling the dark secrets hidden in the bottom of the heart.
In this big world, we are the lonely seed. People become less caring and passion to each other. Everyday, we wear the masks to face our life, society and the world. Slowly by slowly, we lose ourselves and don’t know the meaning of living. We depress. We harm ourselves. We enjoy only talking to oursleves. We keep so many secrets and are not willing to share with others. This is our little secret world,which expresses our senstive emotion.

Directed and written by: Amelia Chen
Illustration by: Amelia Chen
Animation by: Amelia CHen

Professor: Steven Mark Day

I created this piece in a very limited time. A big thank to my professor Steven’s support and help.
You can check out storyboards and process here: http://ift.tt/2eFdLVp

Thank you for watching and enjoy!

Pink Grapefruit by Michael Mohan

Narrative Short Jury Award Winner – 2015 SXSW
Official Selection – 2015 Sundance Film Festival


„Mohan continues to be an undiscovered gem whose sense for the emotional ebb and flow of my generation is matched only by subtle but powerful aesthetics. Never has the emotional power of California desert silence been better conveyed. Hopefully, we’ll see a new feature from Mohan at an upcoming Sundance.“ – Departures Magazine

„Mohan combines the developments of a playfully vulgar sex comedy with something far more astute — a genuine look at the countless ambiguities that define relationships and leave their future developments up in the air.“ – Eric Kohn, Indiewire

A young married couple brings two of their single friends out to Palm Springs for a long weekend. It does not go as planned.

http://ift.tt/2dGWskm | http://ift.tt/1D8TYUw

China: A Skier’s Journey by Jordan Manley

Skiing as sport is in it’s infancy in China, a phenomenon of the country’s exploding middle class. As a means of survival, however, it is thousands of years old, a stone age hunter-gatherer technology born in the Altai mountains where China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Siberia merge. On a vast trajectory that spans 11,000km of Northern China, Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots touch down into the rich past and dizzying future of these two respective Chinese ski cultures. As one rapidly expands, they find the other is at risk of disappearing.

Presented by Arc’teryx in association with Gore-Tex.

Visit: http://ift.tt/2cwPqho to learn more.

Director / Producer / Camera / Editor: Jordan Manley
Featuring: Chad Sayers & Forrest Coots
Associate Producer: Laura Yale
Field Producer: Jeffrey Oliveira / www.skichina.com
Script Consultants: Daniel Irvine, Chad Manley
Additional Sound Design and Mix: Jeff Yellen
Motion Graphics: Blair Richmond

Technical: Shot on Sony A7SII and Sony Zeiss lenses.

Kool Keith X MF Doom – “SuperHero” by Kris Merc

The FADER Premiere: https://goo.gl/Q1reoF

Director: Kris Merc

Animation Studio: Aardman Nathan Love http://ift.tt/1Ks1mdN
Executive Producer: Joe Burrascano
CG Director: Eric Cunha
CG Artists: Triston Huang, Jin Fang Jiang
Animator: Thomas Shek
Designer: Kevin Li

EDITBAR http://editbar.com/

Editor: Michael Reuter

Cel Animation: Tyler Dibiasio

CD http://ift.tt/2ep0zjv
Vinyl http://ift.tt/2ed2nR8
iTunes http://ift.tt/2cMrj0r
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Animated short
Graduation Film
School : ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School

In the French trenches, calm reigns.
The „Poilus“ are waiting to leave for the battlefield.
Among them, Ferdinand, a young hare, is playing the harmonica.
A whistling signal is given, the attack begins.
It’s on the no man’s land that he first encounters his enemy, a horrible creature.

Court métrage d’Animation 3D
Projet de fin d’études
Ecole : ISART DIGITAL, l’école du jeu vidéo et de l’animation 3D-FX

Le calme règne dans les tranchées françaises.
Le cœur lourd, les « Poilus » attendent de partir à l’assaut.
Parmi eux, un jeune lapin joue de l’harmonica pour s’évader.
Un coup de sifflet et l’assaut est donné… C’est dans ce no man’s land qu’il va enfin découvrir l’ennemi, une monstrueuse créature.

3D Animation : Guillaume AUBERVAL, Léa DOZOUL, Simon GOMEZ, Timothé HEK, Hugo LAGRANGE, Antoine LAROYE and David LASHCARI
Music & Sound Design : Aina ANDRIAN, Paul BARRET, Gabriel DALMASSO, Auriane FATON, Elio GERMANI and Lesly VERDEROSA

Join the page on : http://ift.tt/2edwWAC

B.E.N. – Bionically Engineered Nursing by David Wilson

Director: David Wilson
Production: LA PAC
Executive Producer : Jerome Denis
Executive Producer: Anna Roudaut

Written by Emile Martin, Charles Dessaux and David Wilson

Agency: CLM BBDO
Copywriter: Emile Martin
Art Director: Charles Dessaux
Creative Director: Matthieu Elkaim
Producer: Julien Pinet

Line Producer : Antoni Gimel-Lecosse

Production coordinator: Mikaella Zarka

1st assistant director: Antoine Ricard
Unit manager: David Chouchana
Assistant unit manager: Augustin Royer

Concept Design Robot: Mathieu Haas (Drawing Agency), Bruno Villedieux & David Wilson
Robot Designer: Bruno Villedieux
Assistant robot designer: Nicolas Bonnaire

B.E.N.: Anne Eyer
Claudine: Lucienne Deschamps
Robot designer: Bruno Villedieux
Assistant robot designer: Nicolas

DOP: Victor Seguin
1st camera assistant: Benjamin Cohensa
2nd camera assistant: Dorian Lebeau
Steadycam: Thibault Marsan
Steadycam2 : Mathieu Verdier
Gaffer: Romain Ruiz
Electrician: Lisa Herpin
Key grip: Aymé Dominguez
Grip: Arthur Chamaillard
Grip: Nicolas Lebigue
Production designer: Gael Leroux
Set Dresser: Baba Coudanne|
Ripper: Alexandre Ansourian
Ripper: Isaac Callot
Sound enginneer shooting: Amaury Lebouteux
Stylist: Maud Dupuy
Dresser: Luce
Hair & Make up Artist: Anais Apperce

Edit: Roxane Huet Ferret & Emily Aubry

Post production: Mikros & Editors
Post producer Mikros : Fabrice Damolini
Post producer Editors: Laurence Lelong

Sound: THE
Vfx supervisor: Thomas Haas
Vfx producer: Nicolas Huguet, Noyon Sebastien

Roto: Ludovic Christolomme
Track: Stéphane Richez

Compositing: Guillaume Poueymarie, Pierre Gosset, Patrick Bennar
Intern anim/lighting/compo: Rémy Meillat, Angeline Picault
Grading: Sebastien Mingam, Magalie Léonard
Grading Assistant: Heriat Sophie, Sansom Audre, Lelièvre Sigrid, Guibert Nicolas
Flame: Laurent Creusot, Jao M’changama
Datalab: Sabri Antoine, Herou Julien, Le guen Jean Baptiste, Brabant Jonathan, Nicolas Daniel, Nathalie Tramier, Gregory Patris, Elodie Mourier, Pauline Royo, Jean-Martin Mossu