Dangerous Curves by Merete Mueller

In this short documentary, plus-size pole dancing performer and instructor Roslyn Mays navigates media attention and various types of public exposure.

Directed by Merete Mueller

Past screenings:
Best Short Documentary, Port Townsend Film Festival 2016
Rooftop Films 2016
New Orleans Film Festival 2016
Cucalorus Film Festival 2016,
Sidewalk Film Festival 2016
Athena Film Festival 2016
Montclair Film Festival 2017

Contact: meretemueller@gmail.com

Hippo Campus – Western Kids by Najeeb Tarazi

From their debut album, landmark. http://ift.tt/2tkHARy

Directed by Najeeb Tarazi

Read about it here:

DP – Hana Kitasei
Camera Operator – Thomas Wilhoit

Art Direction by Lindsey Cantrell

Shoot Produced by Devyn Isaacson

Post Production by Warm & Fuzzy

Animated by John Bashyam, Andrew Jerez, and Najeeb Tarazi

Special Thanks:
Clara Aranovich
Andy Roberts
Jen Herrera

Filmed on Kinect using DepthKit (www.depthkit.tv)

ASH TO ART – Animation by Sharon Liu

A charcoal animation using ash salvaged from The Mackintosh Building fire at The Glasgow School of Art. The film documents the Ash to Art project which transformed the worthless by-product of the fire into 25 priceless works of art.

In 2014, The Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh building, a symbol of British art, was reduced to ash.

25 world-famous artists including Grayson Perry, David Shrigley and Sir Antony Gormley were asked to turn a piece of charcoal salvaged from the Mackintosh Building fire into art. The work was auctioned at Christie’s to fund the rebuild.

The film was commissioned by J. Walter Thompson (JWT London) and produced at Jelly London.

Ash To Art animation is shortlisted in the Animation category at Cannes Lions 2017.



Nascent by Novo

A bloody civil war in Central African Republic has divided a once peaceful nation along religious lines. Two children, one Christian and one Muslim, seek answers in each other.

Directed by Lindsay Branham and Jon Kasbe

Produced by: Lindsay Branham
Executive Produced by: Jonathan Olinger

Director of Photography: Jon Kasbe

Edited by: Jon Kasbe
Assistant Edited by: Ora DeKornfeld
Additional photography by: Jonathan Olinger
Color correction: Nice Dissolve
Sound design: Defacto
Sound mix: Origin Of Audio

Special thanks to Bintou and Gaus and their communities in Central African Republic.

Made possible with funding by UNICEF.

Best Cinematography, Telluride Mountainfilm Festival, 2016
Official Selection, Telluride Mountainfilm, 2016
Official Selection, Mill Valley Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection, Hot Docs International Documentary Festival, 2016
Official Selection, Big Sky Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection, Raindance Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection, Crested Butte Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection, Nashville Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection, Indie Grits Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection, Annapolis Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection, Women Deliver Copenhaagen, 2016
Official Selection, Flagstaff Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection, Citizen Jane Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection, Marfa Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection, Washington West Film Festival, 2016
Official Selection, Lviv International Short Film Wiz-Art Festival, 2016
Official Selection, Take One Action Film Festival, 2016

As the Sun Rises, NASA’s Global Hawk is Being Prepared for Flight

As the Sun Rises, NASA’s Global Hawk is Being Prepared for Flight Hot summer days in Southern California’s Antelope Valley force many aircraft operations to start early in the morning before the sun rises. On a back ramp at Armstrong Flight Research Center on Edwards Air Force Base, a NASA Global Hawk goes through testing of its communication components and satellite connection links in preparation for flight. via NASA http://ift.tt/2sX9zUG

Theory of Relativity by Visual Suspect

Reflection in photography is one of the most inseparable tool of the creator, disrupting the reality to create his own world. We screen how these reflections work in video and, more interesting, in motion.

There is no effect used, only camera movements together with stabilization techniques. The film has been shot in Hong Kong.

Inspired by the Theory of Relativity from Albert Einstein, this is a visual essay about perception and knowledge as reflection of our reality. Mass curves space and time, while the observer has his own perspective.

Broken Dreams // Sebastien Zanella by Gabriel Novis

BROKEN DREAMS – Sebastien Zanella

Director, documentary filmmaker and photographer, Sebastien Zanella creates provocative films and images that explore freedom of expression and the human condition in his environemment .
Zanella’s signature poetic style is at once haunting and captivating. His artistic approach to composition and use of natural ambient light results in truly stylistic and emotive storytelling that leave a lasting impression on the viewer. His short films have featured some of the biggest names in sport & artistic world, and gaining acclaim on festivals with regular awards and shared on leading publications.
Zanella is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Desillusion Magazine, an online and print publication dedicated to a youth who grew up on a skate or surf board.
As Sebastien travels the US, he shares his inspiration, working dynamic and general outlook on culture, art, and adventure .

A Documentary directed by Gabriel Novis

Supported by Eastpak

-Sebastien Zanella
-Tom Erik Ryen
-Kassia Meador
-Lola Mignot
-Todd Blubaugh

Shot by:
– Gabriel Novis
– Sebastien Zanella
– Denis Carrion

Music by:
– Alex Kemp // Recorded at Wolf at the door

Sound Design and Mix:
– Mark Scearce

Slacker by Red Bull

Pushing limits is nothing new. That’s precisely how performance levels trend skyward. But what if we told you there was a place, deep in the deserts of Utah, where the lines of progressive sports blur while simultaneously apexing to new, unfathomable realities of what’s possible?

Enter G.G.B.Y. (Gobble, Gobble, Bitches, Yeah). The informal, annual gathering at the aptly named Fruit Bowl, outside Moab, organically draws envelope-pushers of all shapes, sizes and disciplines. Event co-founder Terry Acomb takes us through his role in the slacklining/highlining community and gives us a look at the people who make GGBY so incredible.

Check out more from Stept Studios on Vimeo: http://ift.tt/29d8M6G

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Zain’s Summer: From Refugee to American Boy by Joshua Seftel

With the help of Jay-Z and Michael Jackson, a Pakistani refugee tries to blossom in his new surroundings.

Made in partnership with the International Rescue Committee (https://www.rescue.org).

Official Selection:
IFFBoston, Audience Award Winner
Heartland Film
BendFilm Festival
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
Nashville Film Festival
Nantucket Film Festival
Telluride Mountainfilm Festival
Prescott Film Festival

Production Company: Smartypants Pictures (http://ift.tt/2s8VgiJ)

Executive Producer Cathe Neukum
Produced by Joshua Seftel, Anna Bick Rowe
Director of Photography Stephen T. Maing
Editor Amanda Larson
Associate Producer Amy Drakeman
Assistant Editors Steve Benjamin, Olaf Steel
Post Finishing Facility Modulus
Color Correction Erich Gilbride
Sound Re-mixing Damon Addleman
Finishing Supervision Kristen Clifford

Special Thanks
Refugee Youth Summer Academy
The International Rescue Committee
The Naz Family
Kira O’Brien
Erica Silverman
Sara Rowbottom
Kulsoom Rizvi
Avigail Ziv
Erika Frankel
Marc Vives
Roger Ross Williams
Jon Levin
Eric Masunaga
Clarissa Sosin
Jaclyn Biskup
Eric Nichols