In Between by Rolf Steinmann

In a remote corner of the world a living relic from a prehistoric age still exists. A creature that once roamed the northern plains alongside mammoths and sabertooth cats. This shortfilm is the result of my journey into his world. A world unknown to most of us.

Headphones recommended!

Editor: Nigel Buck (
Photography: Rolf Steinmann (
Narration: Terry Burns (
Support in the field: Matthew Polvorosa Kline (
Sound editor: Tim Owens (
Sound mixer: Ben Peace (
Colourist: Tim Bolt (
Graphic design (cover & posters): Alisa Wimmer (

Yule Log 2.015 – Log Ensemble by Yule Log 2.0

Our third and best year yet. Thanks to everyone who helps make this silly idea an amazing reality.

Created by Daniel Savage
Site by Wondersauce
Music by Friendship Park

0:06 – Eran Hilleli
0:11 – Ross Phillips
0:15 – Patrick Clarke
0:19 – Joshua Catalano
0:21 – Markus Magnusson
0:23 – Impactist
0:25 – Erica Gorochow, Seth Eckert
0:27 – James Wignall
0:29 – Yussef Cole
0:31 – Salih Abdul-Karim, Chris Lohouse
0:32 – Slanted Studios
0:34 – HouseSpecial
0:37 – Daniel Savage
0:39 – Sam Ballardini
0:40 – Daniel Oeffinger
0:43 – Ariel Costa
0:44 – Josh Parker, Mercy Lomelin
0:46 – Parallel Teeth
0:48 – Marcin Zeglinski
0:50 – Nick Forshee, Ian Sigmon, Marcus Bakke
0:51 – Jorge R. Canedo Estrada
0:52 – Robin Davey
0:54 – Jay Quercia
0:56 – James Curran
0:58 – Evan Anthony, Jeremy Abel
1:00 – Conrad McLeod
1:05 – Ege Soyuer, Nick Petley
1:10 – Oddfellows
1:17 – Justin Cassano, Matt Delbridge, Seth Hulewat, Jen Lu, Tim Nolan, Christina Lu, Andrew Herzog, Pedro Sanches, Julian Glander, Brian Gossett, Black Math, Austin Robert, Bran Dougherty-Johnson, Drew Tyndell, Keetra Dean Dixon, Pierce Gibson, Cole Clark, Patrick Macomber, Patrick Finn, Ben Hill, Wesley Ebelhar, Angie Son, Shawn Kim, Ryan Cox, Skip Hursh, Adam Grabowski, Jerry Liu, Ryan Gillis, Justin Lawes, Emory Allen, Alicia Reece.

James To My Surprise by Kris Merc

Produced @ Not To Scale NY

Kris Merc

Executive Producers:
Eve Strickman
Dan O’Rourke

Katrina Lofaro

Michael Marsicano

Angelica Alzona
Celine Desrumaux
Jordan Bruner
Kris Merc
Genea Parks
Ellen Su
Rob Chandler

Mandala Designers:
Brett Thompson
Alex Mercado

Lee Gingold
Jordan Bruner

Marika Cowen
Tyler Dibiasio
Noella Borie
Mitchell Zemil
Barry Bruner
Alex Krokus
Jordan Bruner
Michael Nappi
Kris Merc
Mark Phillips

FAMILY by Salazar

Written and Directed by SALAZAR
Production Company – Workhouse Creative
Cinematographer- Liam Mitchell
Editor – Jason C. Myers
Casting – Kris Woznesensky & Kara Eide Casting
Original Score – Edo Van Breemen
1st AC – Mikael Bidard
Production Sound, Mix, and Design – Eugenio Battaglia


Poler is proud to join forces with Nike SB for our third collaboration to create a collection that is rooted in Nike’s heritage while featuring our unique design aesthetic. Daryl Angel and Donovon Piscopo skate and explore Hawaii in this film by director Corey Adams with cinematography by Liam Mitchell. Head over to or to see the full collection of shoes and apparel. Doldrums music courtesy of SubPop Records.
Calvin Love courtesy of Arts & Crafts
Arjan Miranda courtesy of Arjan Miranda

Limbo by Haines Landry

Starring H. Jon Benjamin, Natasha Leggero, Leonard Kelly-Young, Katie Wallack, and Kate Archer

Directed by: Fangso Liu
Written by: Fangso Liu (screenplay) and Adam Spielman (story)
Produced by: Haines Landry
Executive Producer: Andrew Napier
Consulting Producer: Dan Mintz

Online release: 11/11/15

The Trail To Kazbegi by Joey Schusler

What happens when four like-minded adventurers head into one of the world’s wildest mountain ranges with nothing but their mountain bikes and enough food to survive for 10 days?

The answer? What doesn’t happen? Terrifying lightning storms. Raging-river crossings. Snow-covered glacial pass traverses. Mind-melting descents. Constant fights with vicious dogs. Tense encounters with over-zealous border-patrol guards.

All of the above were just another day following “The Trail to Kazbegi,” a self-supported mountain-bike mission through the highest reaches of the Caucasus Mountains in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. Our four-man team—adventure filmmaker Joey Schusler, Bike magazine editor Brice Minnigh, photographer Ross Measures and mountain man Sam Seward—spent half of June 2015 exploring the crown jewels of the Georgian High Caucasus on a feature assignment for Bike.

Along the way our crew overcame countless obstacles and experienced some of the most spectacular scenery and trails they had ever encountered. They also were treated to the unparalleled hospitality of the Georgian people and the benign indifference of the elements on their quest to reach the magnificent Mount Kazbek. In the process, they cemented lasting friendships and proved, yet again, that life is simply better in the mountains.

View the coinciding Bike Magazine multimedia feature:

A film by: Joey Schusler

Brice Minnigh as “Bad Vlad”
Sam Seward as “The Boy”
Ross Measures as “ Mr. Mesurés”
Joey Schusler as “Dima”

Cinematography: Joey Schusler & Ross Measures
Aerial Cinematography: Joey Schusler
Motion Design & VFX: Paul Harrison (Shotgun Infinity)
Art Direction: Drew Pautler (Good Fortune Collective)
Photography: Ross Measures & Joey Schusler
POV Footage: Sam Seward
Editor: Joey Schusler
Associate Producer: Brice Minnigh (Bike Magazine), Travis Rummel (Felt Soul Media), Ross Measures
Post Production Sound: Keith White (Keith White Audio)
Expedition Logistics: Sam Seward, Tato Nadiradze, Tito Tomasi, GeoLand Maps

Supported by: Yeti Cycles, Smith Optics, Outdoor Research, ENVE Composites, SRAM, Skratch Labs, Sierra Nevada, Big Agnes, Revelate Designs
Media Partners: Bike Magazine, 5 Point Film Festival

Run Time: 15 minutes 30 seconds
Date of Completion: December 2015
Language: English